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About Me

I enjoy shooting sports ,dance, low-light action photography, environmental or athletic portraits, rallies, protests, political events, galas, festivals, and some other events / activities as time permits.  My speciality is low-light or indoor settings.  I mostly do these on a volunteer basis and don’t charge for my services.  I don’t do weddings or private events as a rule.

Currently, I volunteer for MSU Denver Athletics.  I shoot many of their events as well as help them with their public relations photos -- mostly headshots, athlete promo shots, facility shots, and others as needed.  I also volunteer for nonprofit organizations from time to time.  I’ve shot a number of events or rallies (for example BLM rallies and murals, Golden Triangle Creative District shoots and galas, me-too movement, and  teachers rallies), art festivals, parades, galas,  and other political or non-political events.   Most of what I shoot is in the Denver area. Suggestions and feedback are always welcome. I am a member of the National Press Photographers Association and the Colorado Photographic Arts Center.

I live in Denver and am from Los Angeles. I retired from the U.S. Air Force in 1998, and from U.S. Federal Service in 2016.  I’m 66 years old (+/-) depending on when you read this.  I was a scientist by profession, but am now pursuing my interests in art, journalism, photography and science.

Licensing and Commercial Usage

I will consider requests for license agreements for commercial usage.  I’ve written many of these in the past.  For nonprofits, I’ve mostly done this free of charge.  If you have a request, please send me an email.

Contact Information

Contact me at darral@darralfreund.com

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